If you are worried

If you're worried about a change in your health or your baby's movements, get advice from a health professional

Don't worry about wasting anyone's time or appearing overanxious – midwives and doctors would much rather check whether everything is okay than miss a problem. The labour ward of every maternity unit has someone available 24/7 to take your call

See below for a film about asking for advice if you're worried about your pregnancy. It has been developed by a team from Kings College London, who worked with parents and charities on a project called ReAssure

If you're worried about a change

  • Speak to your midwife or doctor
  • If you can't get hold of someone, call your nearest maternity unit –  if you're at home, the number should be in your maternity notes, otherwise search online
  • Don't worry that they might be busy – they will have someone available to take your call 24/7


This film has been produced by a team at Kings College London as part of the Re-Assure project
More information

Online search for NHS services, though this site may take you to a general contact information for a hospital

The charity Tommy's has a campaign called Always Ask, based on the Re-Assure project, which includes a shortened version of the ReAssure film