Having the flu jab

Flu in pregnancy can have serious consequences for you and your baby. The flu jab is safe in pregnancy and dramatically cuts the chance you’ll get flu

Having flu while pregnant can be serious. It can lead to problems such as pneumonia. And it can be fatal for a small number of women. It can also lead to miscarriage or premature birth, and it has been linked to having a low-weight baby and stillbirth

Having the free flu jab (vaccination) is the most effective way of protecting yourself and your baby from flu. It will also pass some protection to your baby that will last for the first few months of his or her life

Cut your chances of getting flu

  • Have the free flu jab

  • You can safely have it at any stage of pregnancy, from conception onwards


This short film about immunisations during pregnancy was produced for Our Chance, a campaign by the charities Sands and Best Beginnings to raise awareness of health issues in pregnancy (it covers whooping cough as well as flu)
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