Medicines and therapies

Always check with your pharmacist, midwife or doctor about medicines and therapies in pregnancy, even if you have taken them for a long time on prescription or think they are harmless 

A medicine or therapy may have different effects in your body if you're pregnant

As a result, familiar medicines and therapies may not always be safe for you or your developing baby

Always be on the safe side and ask for advice

  • If you take a medicine for a long-term medical condition such as epilepsy, talk to your consultant as soon as you can – ideally when you’re planning a pregnancy. If this isn’t possible, speak to him or her as soon as you know you’re pregnant
  • If you take a prescription medicine, check with the pharmacist or doctor who prescribes your medication if it’s okay to take it while pregnant. And check with the pharmacist or midwife about over-the-counter medications (the ones you can buy without a prescription)
  • If you use complementary or alternative therapies, be aware that not all therapies are considered to be safe in pregnancy; for example, some essential oils are not recommended for use while pregnant
More information

Bumps (Best Use of Medicines in Pregnancy) has information about specific medicines, but please don’t make decisions about starting, stopping or changing medicines till you’ve talked to a health professional